May 9th rest day update

9 05 2010

Ok, gotta make this fast.

 The ride into here was long and hard, 174 kms total with the first 131 on dirtty gravel and the rest on pavement down hill but into a fierce headwind.  I had to stop in town for a burger and milkshake before heading on to camp.  I guess I do not take the race as seriously as others do ;-).  The ride the day before was short (108) and to fish river canyon.  The canyon was cool, looks a lot like the South West US.  Our view point was about 10 kms from the camp and we got a ride in the run about truck and passed loads of people that were riding down there.  I felt a little bad for not riding, but I have done enough riding recently.

The race times are all messed up right now, I did have a 4th place finish, but not on the day they siad I did.  The 7th place finish is wrong I think, but it should be cleared up soon I hope..  I should be very close to Dan Johnson.  I am hoping to catch him in the next 4 days before the race ends.  Looking forwards to seeing everyone in Cape Town or on my trip home.

  Will try to update again soon, Internet time is running low






7 responses

9 05 2010

Great going Ricky! You’re almost there. I can’t believe how far you have traveled. Almost there.

Hugs and love,

Fouad & Michael

11 05 2010

Rics – Well done, the end is near. When you started this adventure did you think that you would have achieved all you have done. Imagine if you trained before hand! We are so proud of you. Sorry that Andy and I could not make it to SA to be there when you complete this momentous journey. We cannot wait until we hear from you F2F about all your experiences. Am arranging a family gathering for those that can make it for May 30th. Keep them legs peddling for the last few days. Take care and have a great time with your mum and Nadia. Look forward to seeing you on 26th. luls n & a xxx

14 05 2010

Excitedly awaiting your arrival tomorrow; the sun in Cape Town has started to shine in preparation. love mom

14 05 2010

Hey Rick,
Congrats on being done (I’m assuming you’ll be done by the time you read this) and the stage win! Hope the last week went well. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon.

14 05 2010

Sorry, forgot my name on the last post.

16 05 2010
Nora & Andy

Ricks – Well done just saw that you won the last off-road stage – brilliant work; remember when you first started …. this is a tremendous achievement. What next now that you have finished this great challenge. Won’t suggest going cycling when you are over as you will leave us way behind. Can’t wait to hear from you first hand enjoy your time in SA with your mum and Nadia and have a fab time relaxing on the safari. Love Nora & Andy xxx

17 05 2010

Congrats Rick!! I read you won the last race. Well that is impressive. What an achievement. You have a lot of story to tell. It will take you some time to settle and when you do please post pics. I used the TDA platform to log on to your site via the Riders Profile. Guess what, TDA has moved on to their next plan. The new platform is for the 2011 riders and there is one rider already posted!!
I have this site bookmarked. Keep in touch. If you happen to be in my area, please let me know. Take care

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